Bridge Repair Vehicle
BOYA bridge repair vehicle is a kind of special equipment for bridge maintenance engineering. Since brought into market, it has been highly evaluated by users and filled in the blank of bridge maintenance equipment. It’s one of the special equipment of overhaul and replacing rubber bearings for Highway Bridge, which is used for lifting and hanging operating platform under bridge beam slab and the level walking of operating platform. The can vertical lifting heavy weight of 500kg - <platform>. With the help of people, it can do horizontally sliding walk with heavy objects.


1.       Security
BOYA bridge repair vehicle has took a multi-channel protection measures to ensure the safety of personnel.
2.     Economy
BOYA bridge repair vehicle has replaced time-consuming and strenuous traditional method of building scaffolding and the traditional expensive bridge engineering maintenance vehicle, greatly saving maintenance cost.
3.     Efficiency
BOYA bridge repair vehicle has greatly shortened the construction period and improved work efficiency in the construction Process without scaffolding.
4.     Applicability
BOYA bridge repair vehicle has played an irreplaceable role in these situations such as scaffolding can’t be built on the river or it is not easy to build scaffolding because of the higher Bridge pier. It can work on the bridge without traffic control, does not affect the vehicle capacity, and has been widely used in maintenance of roads and bridges
5.     Flexibility
BOYA bridge repair vehicle is small, light and a pickup truck can transport it, Even it can work arbitrary repeatedly moving on both sides of the bridge. So it’s a good helper for routine maintenance of bridges.

At present, BOYA bridge repair vehicle has been used in those Highways of Jiangxi, Shanxi, Jiangsu and Sichuan Provincial. Except for BOYA bridge repair vehicle, there aren’t any similar special equipment for special operation.
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